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Long-distance cycleways and cycle routes

Almost all of Lombardia's major cycleways follow the region's rivers. The Po itself provides the major long-distance route that links the foothills of the Alps, near the border with France, with the Adriatic coast close to Venezia. There are cycleways or cycle routes on both banks of the river - although surfaces and signposting are variable. The Po was for centuries a hugely important transport and trading route and links together many of northern Italy's great historic cities are along the river - or within easy cycling distance of it.

Then there are a number of cycleways along the the rivers which link the Po with the lakes in the northern part of the region. These are (from east to west):

  • the Mincio. This links the Lago di Garda with Mantova and the Po. This is part of the Ciclopista del Sole (EuroVelo 7);
  • the Oglio which links the Po with the Lago d'Iseo;
  • the Adda river flows from the Lago di Como (Lago di Lecco) via the Lago di Galbiate to the Po;
  • the Ticino which links the Lago Maggiore at Sesto Calende with Pavia on the Po. For most of its length the Ticino cycleway runs along two man-made waterways the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Bereguardo. The Naviglio Grande provides a link with central Milano.

You can follow the northern part of the river Adda from the Lago di Como to Bormio along the Sentiero Valterrina (which despite the name is a fully-fledged cycleway).

The Laghi di Lombardia route

While the Po provides the major east-west route, it is a long way south of the lakes so it's not partic­u­larly attractive as a route between them (although there's nothing wrong with going the long-way round). The FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici delle Bicicletta) Laghi di Lombardia route links Peschiera del Garda on the Lago di Garda with Sesto Calende on the Lago Maggiore - this is especially helpful in the eastern part between Peschiera, Brescia, Bergamo and Como. Note: these pages seem to have gone missing in the revamp of the bicitalia.org website; please drop me a line if you would like me to send you a copy of the maps and route description (in Italian) - altern­at­ively, see my Lakes of Lombardia and Piemonte guide.

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Please get in touch if you find any errors in the information, or if there’s anything, good or bad, that you’d want other cyclists to know.

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