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National and international routes

There are four long-distance routes passing through the Piemonte region.

The Po starts high in the mountains of Piemonte. The Ciclovia del Po e delle Lagune (the Po and lagoons cycle route) starts - or at least the section that has been mapped - starts at Sanfront near Torino and follows the river to Torino and from there on towards Voghera and Piacenza and, eventually, the sea. The route in Piemonte is mainly on surfaced, quiet roads.

The Po cycle route forms part of the eurovelo 8. The eurovelo 8 comes over the Colle di Tenda, and from there it goes (I think) to Cuneo. I'm not sure where it goes from Cuneo, but the most logical option is to follow the Via Pedemontana Alpina which connects with the Ciclovia del Po near Saluzzo. (See the eurovelo 8 in Italy guide).

The Svizzera-Mare cycle route (Bicitalia 15) connects Switzerland with the sea. The route follows quiet roads, coming into Italy via Santa Maria Maggiore and Domodossola, passing through the wine areas around the towns of Asti and Bra. It reaches the coast at Imperia in Liguria and from there heads to Ventimiglia, practically on the border with France. In my opinion this is perhaps a more practical inter­na­tional route than the EV8.

The Moncenisio variant of the Ciclovia Francigena (until recently called the Ciclovia dei Pellegrini). Another route following quiet roads. The route shown by the national cyclists organ­isation FIAB, on the bicitalia.org website, starts near to Torino although Moncenisio is near the border with France and so I assume that the route when fully mapped will start there. From Torino it then heads south east via the towns of Asti, Alessandria and Gavi before crossing the border with Liguria near Voltaggio. This is another route that I rate highly. If you are coming from the north-west and heading towards Toscana and Rome then this is an excellent choice.

The Via Pedemontana Alpina. This is a route, mainly using quiet roads, that will follow the arc of the Alps, from the Ligurian coast in the west to the Trieste on the Adriatic coast in the east. Officially this route has the status of a proposal, but it exists on the ground and you can follow it (more inform­ation on this site soon). In Piemonte a big section of the route is shown on the Open Street Map digital mapping and it's excellent - highly recom­mended.

Local and regional routes

The Torino and Cuneo areas have some good networks of cycle routes again mainly on quiet roads but with sections of cycleway.

Around Torino there's the Corona di Delizie a 90-kilometre cycle tour around Torino using a combin­ation of cycleways and quiet roads. It links the UNESCO World Heritage-listed royal palaces around Torino. It also functions as a n orbital cycle route joining the major long-distance cycle routes as they pass close to Torino.

There are a couple of local cycle routes that could be of interest to long-distance cycle-travellers coming into Italy.

The Valle Stura percorso ciclo­tur­istico is a 28-kilometre route following virtually traffic-free roads in the Stura valley. It offers a quiet altern­ative for cyclists going to and from the Colle de la Maddelena.

The Ciclostrada Val di Susa (val di Susa cycle road) is a 44-kilometre route following quiet roads. This goes from close to the border at on the road to the col de Mont Cenis (Colle de Moncenisio) to the Lac d'Avigliana from there you can follow the Via Pedemontana south or the Corona di Delizie around Torino.

Marca Pinerolese has a section with over 30 itiner­aries (MTB and non-MTB) of various ranges of diffi­culty. Each with descrip­tions in Italian and English and a map. Again there should be a brochure available from tourist inform­ation offices.

The Strada delle Mele Pinerolese (it/​fr/​en) (the Apple Road) describes cycling routes of the fruit growing area of the provincia around the village of Cavour. the main route is 58 kilometres long but there are a number of variants.

Cyclo Monviso is a combin­ation of a very challenging cross-border route over the Colle dell Agnello (2748m) and a number of short easy day-rides in the area around Saluzzo. The signposted route offers cyclists more inter­esting and quieter altern­atives to the main road. Sadly when I rode in this sea most cyclists ignored the signs.

Overview map

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  • ━━━━━   Bicitalia 15 - Svizzera-Mare
  • ━━━━━   Ciclovia Francigena (until recently called the Ciclovia dei Pellegrini) (EV5)
  • ━━━━━   Via Pedemontana Alpina
  • ━━━━━   Ciclostrada Valle Susa
  • ━━━━━   Ciclovia del Po (EV8)
  • ━━━━━   Percorso Cicloturistico Valle Stura
  • ━━━━━   Piemonte regional boundary

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