About this site

This site grows out of three summers spent touring in northern and southern Italy - plus an awful lot of research. Italy is a great place to ride, it has some lovely cycleways. There's an awful lot of inform­ation out there but the trouble is that, even if you speak Italian, that inform­ation can be hard to find unless you know where to look. My aim for this site is to make it easier to research and plan a cycling trip in Italy.

With the site I hope to pass on what I've learnt from my travels and research, but that also means the site reflects the areas I know and there are some very big gaps - especially in southern Italy. please don't take that to reflect where the best cycling is, it's just that there's so much to see and there's only one of me.

The site inevitably reflects my own style of travelling. So there's a lot of campsites and not very much about hotels - but then if you serve in hotels you are already well served by the FIAB AlbergaBici site as well as by Booking .com and TripAdvisor - but I plan to add more inform­ation about Bike Hotels. I've included inform­ation wherever I could about cycleways - that's partly because cycleways offer a more peaceful altern­ative, but mainly because it's easy to find inform­ation about road routes while cycleways are only marked on the specialist maps if at all.

Place names

I use the Italian names for cities and other places and not the English names. The first is because you won't ever see the English name on a road sign so it seems best to start out using the Italian names. The second is that the Italian place names have many different variants in different languages - so sticking to the Italian names seems like the most neutral approach.

Things get more complicated when you get to the Südtirol (Alto-Adige) - the majority german-speaking area of Italy. In these areas I have preferred to use the original German names rather than the Italianised versions. I have tried to make sure I give the Italian version as well.

Think different

I hope that this site will also suggest some less well-known and less obvious altern­atives. For each ride I've suggested some possib­il­ities for day-rides: there's nothing in the Touring Cyclist's Book of Rules that says you can't, every now and again, treat yourself to a day when you can ride without your luggage.