The Guida Cicloturistica della Sardegna

Published on:  | Last updated: 18 February 2017

In researching the routes on this site I made heavy use of the Guida Cicloturistica della Sardegna. It never let me down. The guide was published by the Regione in 2008, but it’s still the best resource if you are planning a tour on the island. Fortunately it’s available in pdf from the Sardegna Digital Library. The guide is only available in Italian, but the mapping is clear and easy to follow.

The guide presents 6 circular but inter­linked routes, so if you are looking for altern­ative options for the routes presented here, or say you are planning a shorter cycling break, the routes in the guide are defin­itely worth checking out.

I’ve transcribed the routes onto a zoomable map (I hope I’m not breaching copyright).

  Map:  Sardegna-Guida-Cicloturistica-map-show map in overlay    |    Sardegna-Guida-Cicloturistica-map-show map in new window 

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