Emilia-Romagna is the region that occupies a huge triangle in north-central Italy, with the Po to the north, the Apennines to the south and west and the Adriatic coast to the east.

A lot of people pass briefly through the region on their way to the mountains and, on the other side of the mountains, Firenze and Roma. But Emilia-Romagna has its fair share of Italy’s great cities: there are the UNESCO World Heritage listed cities of Ferrara, Ravenna, Parma, and Modena and if that’s not enough, there are Piacenza and Bologna as well.

If you’re looking for solitary places: the Po and the Po delta have their own particular tranquil charm, and along the crest of the Apennines there is a chain of parks and nature reserves (with lots of possib­il­ities for mountain-biking).

Riccione on the Adriatic is the best known centre for bike hotels offering day rides into the Apennines.

Cyclists, Lago di Comacchio

Cyclists, Lago di Comacchio

Lago di Comacchio

Lago di Comacchio - Emilia-Romagna

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Cafe in Ferrara

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