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Published on:  | Last updated: 7 January 2020

Resources for tour route planning

VisitPoRiver is a joint venture between the regions along the Po as if flows from the Alps to the Adriatic coast. The Emilia-Romagna section is not as compre­hensive as it could be, but still some useful inform­ation like bike shop addresses.

The ‘Riviera Emilia-Romagna’ used to have a website(AdriaCoast.com) but it seems to have disap­peared. You can still find a pdf guide (Cycling Along the Adriatic Coast ).

Ferrara area

Ferrara proudly claims to have the highest proportion of cycling citizens of any city in Europe. Not surpris­ingly there’s a huge amount of inform­ation available about possib­il­ities for riding both in and around the city. There’s also plenty of useful inform­ation about long-distance routes.

The cycle tourism section of the Ferrara Terra e Acqua (available in five languages) has lots of routes - ranging from a tour of Ferrara’s centro storico to long-distance routes. All with downloadable roadbooks, maps, gps files, altitude profiles, photo­graphs etc etc.

The ‘Panoramic Wheels’ brochure is a well-illus­trated 43-page guide to the major routes in the area. It’s available from tourist offices (and by post). You can download it from the Ferrara Terra e Acqua site. Direct download for the english version  Panoramic Wheels (12Mb).

And if all of that isn’t enough, you can also download mp3 audioguides and videos of sections of some of the routes.

The provincia di Ferrara is also collab­or­ating with the provincia di Mantova to encourage cycle tourists to continue on from the Lago di Garda, via Mantova and Ferrara, to the coast. There’s a website here: In bici dal Garda all’Adriatico (it/de/en). There’s a very useful brochure available from the tourist inform­ation offices or to From Lake Garda to the Adriatic by Bike  (link for English version).

Rimini area

The public­a­tions section of the Riviera di Rimini website has a section (‘itinerari ciclo­tur­istici’) with excellent guides and maps - all available in four languages.

Riccione on the Adriatic coast has become a mecca for bike holidays. In high summer it’s a beach resort but the hotels have put a major effort into promoting the town as a centre for cycle holidays outside the peak season. The hotels have got together to establish a website for cyclists (www.riccionebikehotels.it). There’s lots of inform­ation about itiner­aries from this page. You can also download a map with their itineraries.

Ravenna area

If you are in the area then there’s inform­ation on bike rides on the Parco del Delta del Po website (visitcomacchio.it), and AdriaCoast.com

Forlì-Cesena area

There’s inform­ation available on the Riviera Emilia Romagna (adriacoast.com) website.


ImolaBike has a selection of 9 road and MTB itiner­aries with pdf roadbooks and gps files.


Modena in bici - two books available with 1;25,000 maps available from bookshops at 12€.

The bicitalia.org website has inform­ation (in Italian) on the pista ciclabile on the old railway line between Modena and Vignola


Sette itinerari ciclo­tur­istici piacentini  (seven cycling itiner­aries in the Piacenza area).


There are lots and lots of sites with inform­ation about the possib­il­ities for mountain­biking in the Apennines:

General tourist information

Parks and wild spaces

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