Eating out in Italy - glossary

Published on:  | Last updated: 19 March 2017

Tiroler Gröstl

Tiroler Gröstl - tradi­tional Tyrolean dish made with potatoes, speck and fried eggs

  • abbacchio scottaditto - grilled lamb - speci­ality of Lazio and Abruzzo
  • alla brace - barbecued (usually meat)
  • apfel­strüdel - apple strudel
  • arancioni - balls of rice and tomatoes with mozzarella centre - a speci­ality of Sicilia and the south
  • arrosticini - lamb on a wooden skewer - like satay
  • abbacchio scottaditto - grilled lamb (scottaditto means ‘burnt finger’) 
  • bacalà vicentina - speci­ality of Vicenza made with dried fish (not bacalhau - despite the name)
  • baccalà fritto - roman speci­ality made with baccalhau (salt-fish salt-dried cod)
  • bigoli - big fat spaghetti - a speci­ality of the Veneto served with sauce made with duck or with anchovies
  • bisi - Veneto word for peas
  • canederli - dumplings made with bread - can be made plain or with spinach or with rape rosse (red beet)”
  • capriolo - roe deer
  • carciofi alla romagna - the other signature dish of the jewish restaurants in the Ghetto in Roma
  • carpa - carp
  • carpaccio - thinly-sliced raw meat - or tuna or salmon
  • casunziei - speci­ality of the Dolomites - half moon pasta filled with rapa rossa (red beet)
  • chisciol - speci­ality of Tirano in Lombardia - the word comes from quiche
  • chitarra - spaghetti-like pasta from Abruzzo - made by pressing pasta through a machine with stretched steel wires
  • cottec­chino - a cooked sausage - mainly found in the north
  • crauti - sauerkraut
  • cucina casal­ingha - home cooking
  • farro - spelt - a type of grain like barley
  • fatto in casa - home-made
  • fegato alla veneziana - liver sliced thinly
  • fiori di zucca - signature dish of the jewish restaurants in the Ghetto in Roma (marrow flowers battered and deep-fried)
  • frico - a Friulian speci­ality made with cheese - can be crispy or soft
  • goulasch - stew made with meat, tomato and paprika
  • insalatone - a ‘big salad’ - can be a main course in its own right
  • krapfen - these are usually doughnuts but in the Südtirol they are a filled pastry in a variety of shapes often made with poppy seeds
  • maltagliati - pasta cut into irregular pieces (the name means ‘cut badly’)
  • nero di seppia
  • orzo - barley
  • panzanella a Florentine speci­ality - generally made of stale bread a salad made with bread soaked in water and squeezed dry, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Onions and basil are often added.
  • pasti­ciotto
  • pastin - sausage from Veneto
  • persico - perch
  • pitino - sausage from Friuli
  • pizzo - a spicy breadcake from the Salento - made with chillies, tomato and olives 
  • pizzo­c­cheri - ribbon pasta made with gran saraceno flour
  • porchetta - spit-roasted young pig
  • ribollita - a Tuscan soup made with bread and veget­ables. The name means re-boiled - ie a dish made with leftovers
  • riccio di mare - sea urchin
  • sacher­torte - a chocolate cake named after its Viennese inventor
  • schizz - fried cheese - a Veneto speciality
  • speck - ham that has been cured and smoked - using juniper berries and juniper branches
  • spezzatino - stew
  • stinco di maiale - pork shin
  • strudel - strudel
  • suppli - small balls made with rice and tomatoes - a smaller version of Arancione
  • tenca - tench
  • Tiroler Gröstl - a tyrolean dish: fried eggs, speck and sautéed potatoes
  • trippa - tripe
  • velluttata - soup made with a blender
  • zuppa inglese - trifle

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