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Published on:  | Last updated: 7 January 2020

Routes and cycle-touring resources

Regional resources

Movimento Lento (‘slow movement’) are an independent organ­isation working in collab­or­ation with the Regione Lombardia. Their site Lombardia in Bicicletta is an essential resource for route planning in the area.

At the moment at least, it only seems to be available in Italian, but even if you don’t speak Italian there’s a lot of useful inform­ation. Go to the map page, tick the bici check­boxes on the left and the network of routes should appear. Click on the little bike picto­grams and you can draw up a shortlist of the routes that interest you and then go to the individual pages for those routes plus gps downloads etc.

One of the most useful pages on the Lombardia in Bicicletta site is the Le vie d’acqua page which gives a really useful overview of the cycleways along the rivers and waterways of Lombardia.

The rivers and waterways of the Po

There are a number of websites devoted to tourism along the Po.

First up is Visit Po River (it/en). This is a collab­or­ation between the Regions of Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna and the Veneto, so for the long-distance traveller it’s an extremely useful first port of call.

For the sections of the Po cycleways in Lombardia there’s Movimento Lento’s Le Ciclovie del Po (Po Cycleways) site - a collab­or­ation between Movimento Lento and the Lombard province of Pavia, Lodi, Cremona and Mantova.

The Po Cycleways site includes 50 or so route descrip­tions in English, but for the best selection of routes you need to go to the Italian version of the site or to the Lombardia in Bicicletta site.

If you want to continue on beyond Mantova (either going east to the Adriatic or north to the Lago di Garda) the Provincia di Mantova in collab­or­ation with the neigh­bouring Provincia di Ferrara have produced the guide Dal Garda all’Adriatico - in bici attra­verso i territori di Mantova e Ferrara (it/en/de). There’s an excellent pdf map and guide available: From Lake Garda to the Adriatic by Bike  (alternate link) on the turismo.mantova.it site - a paper version is available from tourist offices.

If you’re heading north there are two extremely useful maps/guides produced by the Provincia di Mantova: a map of the Mincio river cycleway and Mantova in Bici (also available in English). These are available form tourist offices but you can also download them from the provincia’s website (see the Mantova section below).

Provincial websites

Varese area

The Provincia di Varese is the area that lies between the Lago Maggiore and the Lago di Lugano, probably the most helpful site is gpsvarese.it which has lots of inform­ation about itiner­aries with Google maps and downloadable gps tracks. It provides inform­ation about road routes, cycleways and mountainbike itiner­aries. This page provides a quick overview of the road bike routes. The site has obviously been put together by people who are cyclists themselves - if you’re a gps user you can even download a gps file showing all the water fountains in the area.

Brescia area

bresciainbici.it is a useful site with lots of routes, but there’s no overview so it’s not easy to find what you want. It’s aimed more at people staying in one place rather than cycle tourists.

Bergamo area

The Provincia di Bergamo’s website (available in four languages) has been recently revamped. Unfortunately, they seem to have taken a site that wasn’t very useful to start with and made it even less useful. There is some inform­ation available on the cycleways in the area in the Sport section - look at the bottom of the page in the ‘related articles’ section.


The provincia di Mantova is the easternmost of the Lombardia province - bounded to the south by the river Po and to the east by the Mincio river. The turismo.mantova.it website isn’t brilliant but the provincia produces some useful paper guides that are also available for download.

There’s also a map of the Peschiera-Mantova cycle path along the Mincio river:

Cycleway along the river Mincio (Veneto-Lombardia border)

Cycleway along the river Mincio (Veneto-Lombardia border)

Lodi area

bicilodi.movimentolento.it is an excellent website with cycle routes in the Lodi area (it/en).

Sondrio area

Sondrio is the provincia that lies to the north and east of the Lago di Como on the border with Switzerland. It includes within it Bormio and Livorno as well as some of Italy’s most famous climbs such as the climb to the Passo di Stelvio. The road cycling routes section of valtellina.it (valtellina.it: road cycling routes) (it/en/de) includes altitude profiles for all the major climbs in the area.

The website also has a cycle tourism section (valtellina.it: cycle tourism) includes a page with inform­ation about the Sentiero Valtellina, a cycleway which links the Lago di Como with Bormio, and the ciclabile al Chiavenna, a branch that goes to Chiavenna and the border with Switzerland.

There’s also the Tre Mitiche initi­ative, aimed at sports road cyclists, which offers guided rides with vehicle support for ten euros a ride. (Some hotels offer this as part of package deals). The basic programme offers the Passo di Stelvio on a Thursday, the Passo di Gavia on a Friday, and the Passo di Mortirolo on a Saturday. And if you still have the energy there are a number of of other climbs you can do.

Alta Valle Camonica cycleway

Alta Valle Camonica cycleway near Temù

The Alta Rezia

The Alta Rezia is the name for the area that includes Bormio and Livigno as well as the Italian-speaking Valposchiavo in Switzerland. This valley links Tirano with St Moritz and Livigno via the Passo di Bernardina and the Forcola di Livigno. The website (www.altarezia.eu - it/en/de) includes inform­ation about Bike Hotels as well as a lot of inform­ation about mountain­biking routes

Information for mountain-bikers

Many Italian ski resorts are now offering routes for mountain-biking - as well as bike parks. The two biggest resorts in the area are Livigno and Bormio:

In addition the Adamello Ski area around Ponte di Legno has a network of trails: The adamellobike.com has not been working for some months but there is some inform­ation on the . Adamello Ski website.

General tourist information

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