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Published on:  | Last updated: 4 January 2020

You’ll probably never need a bike shop, but if you do, hopefully, these maps will help you find one quickly. Note that not all of these shops will have workshop facil­ities. About two-thirds have websites.

Using this page

Go to the region you’re inter­ested in. Click the link to either open the map in an overlay, or open it in a new window. Click on the bike icon for the shop’s contact details and website, if they have one.

If you know of other bike shops, or you spot a mistake, please let me know.

Italian regions

Neighbouring countries and regions

(These maps only show bike shops along the Via Claudia, München-Venezia and Ciclovia Alpe-Adria Radweg inter­na­tional routes).

Abruzzo and Molise

  Map:  Abruzzo-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay     |  abruzzo-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:  Campania-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |    Campania-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

Emilia Romagna (and San Marino)

  Map:  Emilia-Romagna-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay     |  Emilia-Romagna-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

Friuli Venezia Giulia

  Map:  FVG-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay     |  FVG-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:  Lazio-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Lazio-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:  Liguria-bike-shops-FT-map-   show map in overlay  |  Liguria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:   Lombardia-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Lombardia-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

Le Marche

  Map:  Le-Marche-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Le-Marche-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

Piemonte and Val d’Aosta

  Map:   Piemonte-VDA-bike-shops-FT-map- show map in overlay    |  Piemonte-VDA-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria

  Map:   Puglia-Basilicata-Calabria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Puglia-Basilicata-Calabria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:  Sardegna-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Sardegna-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:  Sicilia-campsites-FT-show map in overlay    |    Sicilia-campsites-FT-show map in new window 


  Map:  Südtirol-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Südtirol-bike-shops-FT-map-   show map in new window 


  Map:  Toscana-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Toscana-bike-shops-FT-map-   show map in new window 


  Map:     Trentino-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Trentino-bike-shops-FT-map-   show map in new window 


  Map:  Umbria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Umbria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

The Veneto

  Map:  Veneto-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |  Veneto-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 

Neighbouring countries and regions


  Map:  Austria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |    Austria-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


  Map:  Germany-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in overlay    |    Germany-bike-shops-FT-map-show map in new window 


Download a POI file with the location and contact details for nearly 1500 campsites in Italy
and the Italian-speaking cantons of Switzerland. (Also includes POIs for hostels, drinking water, bike shops, train stations, and more).

  • Italy Points of Interest

    About POIs

    POIs are like waypoints, but while you can usually only store a limited number of waypoints on a device, you can store thousands of POIs. These files include inform­ation about campsites and hostels, bike shops, train stations, drinking water sources as well as warnings for tunnels and roads where bikes are banned. Please check the ReadMe file for instruc­tions. Updated April 2018. The file format is only compatible with Garmin GPSes .

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