Italy is often either very hilly or very flat. Puglia is one of the excep­tions. It's flat enough to make it accessible to everyone, but not so flat that it gets too dull. With it's distinctive heritage, including the iconic trulli (stone-built houses) and some of Italy's most attractive towns and coastline, it's a great cycling destin­ation.

In this section you'll find an in-depth guide to a Grand Tour of Puglia, taking you through the best of what the region has to offer from its coast to the hills, not forgetting the Gargano peninsula, hilly, but one of the most beautiful stretches of the Italian coast. Oh and there's a detour to Matera, in neigh­bouring Basilicata, possibly Italy's most unusual city.

In addition there's:

Puglia coastline - Gargano peninsula

Puglia coastline - Gargano peninsula


Wildflowers in the Puglia countryside