North-East Italy

Published on:  | Last updated: 10 March 2017

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National and international routes

Castle on the Via Claudia Augusta near Mals

The Via Claudia Augusta

The Via Claudia Augusta is an inter­na­tional route that starts near Augsburg in Germany. It follows traffic-free cycleways as far as Trento. At Trento you have the option of either continuing to Verona on a traffic-free cycleway beside the Adige, or going to the Lago di Caldonazzo in the hills above Trento, where it picks up the Ciclabile della Valsugana which you can follow into Bassano del Grappa. There's a quiet road route between Trento and the lake —or you can take the train or a bike-shuttle.

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Sign for the München-Venezia cycle route on the River Sile

München-Venezia (Munich-Venice)

The München-Venezia is a new cycle route that makes use of the Ciclabile delle Dolomiti to provide a new long-distance route through the Südtirol and Veneto to Venezia. It follows traffic-free cycleways through the Dolomites into the Veneto. It also follows the Girasile cycleway along Sile river from Treviso.

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Cycleway between Bozen (Bolzano) and Trento part of the Ciclopista del Sole and Via Claudia Augusta

The Ciclopista del Sole (eurovelo 7)

The Ciclopista del Sole is the Italian section of the eurovelo 7 it will take you from the border with Austria to the coast south of Rome. It will take you as far as Mantova (or the Lago di Garda or Verona if you prefer) on traffic-free cycleways.

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Cyclists on the Ciclovia Alpe-Adria Radweg (FVG1) near the Austrian border

The Ciclovia Alpe-Adria Radweg

The Ciclovia Alpe-Adria Radweg runs from Salzburg in Austria to Grado on the Adriatic coast. The Italian section is called the FVG1. It is has two long sections of traffic-free cycleway; from the border with Austria to Resiutta and then the final section from Cervignano del Friuli to the coast.

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The Villa Morosini on the north bank of the Po near Polesella (Veneto)

eurovelo 8 (Ciclovia del Po e delle Lagune)

The eurovelo 8 route crosses Italy with France at one end and Slovenija at the other. For much of the way it follows traffic-free cycleways along the river Po. There are also long traffic-free sections as it follows the Adriatic coast.

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