The Val Rendena cycleway (Trentino)

Published on:  | Last updated: 7 January 2020

Bridge on the Val Rendena cycleway (Trentino)

Bridge on the Val Rendena cycleway (Trentino)

The Val Rendena cycleway is entirely surfaced and mainly traffic-free. It starts at Sant’Antonio di Mavignola. Go past the fountain and the little chapel on your left (if the chapel is open don’t go by without taking a peek).

The next bit is fairly steep, very quiet, road. At the bottom of the hill are the resort town of Pinzolo and its quieter neighbour Carisolo. The cycleway detours to the church of a tiny chapel of San Stefano on an outcrop of rock above the river with frescoes by Simone Baschenis. Inside there’s a magni­ficent frescoes of Charlemagne. During the peak summer months the little church is opened up by volun­teers (see for opening times - or ask at the helpful tourist office). Speaking of the helpful tourist office, if you have the time, rent the excellent audio-tour of the village.

Sweetcorn (Val Rendena)

Sweetcorn (Ragoli)

It’s defin­itely worth making the stop to see the church of San Vigilio in Pinzolo with its danza macabara by Simone Baschenis. A danza macabra is a fresco showing the great and the good of the Middle Ages in a dance with skeletal figures - there are a small number of these scattered across Europe). 

There are another couple of Baschenis chapels at Pelugo and Ragoli.

The cycleway ends at the Lago di Ponte Pio. The lake itself is nice enough, but you won’t be partic­u­larly missing out on anything if you decide to continue on towards Stenico.

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Where to eat

Particular recom­mend­a­tions for the Magnabò restaurant next to the campsite at Carisolo and the pizzeria Le Fontane next to the Val Rendena campsite.

Transport connections

There are no stations within easy reach. There are however bicibus services that link the area with both the Lago di Garda and with the Val di Sole —including the train station at Dimaro. For more details, and to download timetables go to Dolomiti-Garda bike-shuttle.

Resources - includes a download of the map/flyer for the route as well as inform­ation about what there is to see along the route (Ciclopedonale della Val Rendena flyer ).

Sculptures on the Val Rendena cycleway

Sculptures on the Val Rendena cycleway

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