Getting there and getting around: travelling by train with a bike

Published on:  | Last updated: 26 April 2015

…yes it can be done, but train companies don’t make it as easy as it could be. This series of articles offers some practical tips for making it easier, either to travel to Italy by train, or get around within Italy by train (or boat or ferry).

Getting to Italy by train – 1

It wasn’t that long ago that travelling to your destination was part of the adventure. OK getting onto a modern train might not be quite as romantic as the Orient Express, but then again they still offer the chance to enjoy the experience of going somewhere, or coming back. It’s either the chance to decompress as you prepare for your holiday – or the chance to slowly adjust to reality. The bad news is that the train companies make international travel with a bike harder than it needs to be. This article offers some pointers on finding a way through the maze. Read more: Getting to Italy by train – 1.

Getting to Italy by train – 2

If you’re thinking of travelling from the UK to Italy by train you’ll want to research trains across France. Unfortunately the French Railways websites make this particularly difficult of British and US travellers. Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls… Read more: Getting to Italy by train – 2.

Getting to Italy by train – 3

A quick guide to travelling with a bike on Eurostar. Read more: Getting to Italy by train – 3 – Eurostar.

Train company call centre numbers

While you can book tickets online, very often you can’t book bike places online so you need to phone the train company call centre. Here are some call centre numbers – UK, France and Italy. Read more: Train company call centre numbers.

Getting there by train: useful websites

The good news is that it’s getting easier to buy train tickets on line for international rail travel. All the major rail companies have websites with English version and you can order tickets to collect at the station, to print at home, or even in some cases have a simple code sent to your phone. The bad news is that it’s still a lot more complicated than it needs to be, especially if you want to get the best prices or you need to book a bike space. Read more: Getting there by train: useful websites.

Travel within Italy

Even if you don’t plan on travelling to Italy by train, the train network offers useful ways to get to your tour start point, or a way to make your holiday time go further by visiting more than one region. Yes you can cycle every mile of the way, but you really don’t need to.

Getting around: trains, boats and ferries

A brief guide to travelling by train and ferry with a bike in Italy. Which trains take bikes and which ones don’t and what it costs. Read more: Getting around: trains, boats and ferries.

Getting around: local and regional train services

For shorter journeys travelling with a bike is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things that are worth remembering. Here are some tips to make travelling by train in Italy with a bike just a little bit easier. Read more: Travelling with a bike on Italian trains: local and regional train services.

Useful websites for finding bike-friendly trains

Not all Italian trains have bike carriage facilities. You can use the trenitalia website to check which ones do and which ones don’t. Read more: Using the trenitalia website to look for bike-friendly trains.

The DeutschBahn website is an essential website for travelling with a bike because it allows you to restrict your search to trains with bike carriage facilities. This is a quick how-to on using the website. Read more: Using the DeutscheBahn websites to find bike-friendly trains.

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